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Inclement Death:
I'm installing QT now. Going to familiarize myself with the code.

Where is the bug list for the Theme Editor? Only found one bug from 2010 and no feature requests in the tracker.


--- Quote from: Inclement Death on September 02, 2020, 04:48:22 PM ---Where is the bug list for the Theme Editor? Only found one bug from 2010 and no feature requests in the tracker.

--- End quote ---

There is no bug list. There hasn't been much interest in it, so no real bug reports here.

There are also no feature requests. At some point we closed all feature requests, since they simply ended up clogging the tracker.

I'm not planning to maintain it, but since I looked at it I just fixed some build issues of the Theme Editor with Qt5. If you want to do serious work on it I suggest you show around on IRC, since that is where developers hang.

While at it I also created an updated Windows binary. You can find it here:

Inclement Death:
Damn, I fixed most of the build issues with Qt5, but I will revert my changes and grab yours; may solve my linker issue with zlib. Although, it could be an issue with my WSL installation.

Most issues are simply search and replace (like QString::toAscii() is now toLatin1()). You shouldn't need to use WSL. You only need MinGW, though there is an issue left -- we used msys too in the past. This has been changed long ago, but not for the theme editor. I'm going to address that later today.

After that you should be able to go the qmake; mingw32-make limbo from a cmd window (obviously you need MinGW and Qt in the path, but Qt brings a shortcut for this, or use Qt creator with a MinGW kit)

Edit: Done that. Easiest to build is likely by opening the pro file with Qt Creator and configuring it with a MinGW kit. Works fine for me. No need for WSL or anything extra.

Inclement Death:
WSL makes it easier to use Visual Studio 2019 with the QT extension. I have it set up to open devenv.exe through the terminal window so editing the files won’t screw up the Linux permissions. Most of my Linux experience is using Ubuntu to cross-compile code for IoT devices.

Still have the zlib linker issue; even tried the zlib NuGet package. I’ll figure it out, probably installed the wrong zlib package from apt or it’s a path issue. Downside of C and C++, linker headaches; which is one of the reasons I usually stick to C# frontends and C++ backends with a C++/CLI wrapper.


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