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iPod Video - rockbox changes revert back after reboot


Hi folks.
I have ipod video (30gb) running rockbox. I have 7000+ flac files loaded on 2x128gb microsd cards on iFlash quad adapter. I had created a playlist which would play all tracks randomly. Until recently everything was working perfectly. I then noticed that everytime I rebooted, resumption would be from the same position on the same audio track on the playlist (No. 2936 of 7187 tracks) and also at the same sound level.
I have searched forums but have not seen this issue appear.
To troubleshoot, I have tried the following:-

Deleting playlist within Rockbox - but still reboots to same track and deleted files have reappeared.

Deleting playlist using Laptop - but still reboots to same track and deleted files have reappeared!

Reset all settings in Rockbox - font size to default etc .......but - ipod still rebooted to same track and deleted files have reappeared plus settings have reverted to old settings!

It is like Rockbox is auto reverting to a particular point in time.

By the way, all files still play perfectly in folder view but database appears corrupted slightly - when I select a particular track in an album, the "erase dynamic playlist?" screen appears. When I say yes, the track appears as "root" and does not play. If I select "no", reverts back to album track list.
I appreciate any suggestions about what I can do to resolve this issue.

Thanks in advance!

I'm guessing it's the usual rockbox iFlash incompatibility issue?  (Sounds as if it's failing to write the current state of the device to the card, on shutdown).

You didn't mention which rockbox version you are using.  (I suspect it's the 3.15 stable release)

Please use the latest dev or nightly build, and let us know how that goes. 


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