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Adding \ and ^ to Text Editor


I hate having to hook my iPod Nano up to a computer just to add \ or ^. There is plenty of room in the character selection area, 16 spaces not counting the empty columns separating upper- and lower-case letters from each other, etc.! Who wrote this program!?

So how do I add them myself?

Also when looking at program  or file codes in UTF-8 mode,  see a lot of characters that don't seem to have a UTF-8 character code. Wjy and if they do, how do I add some of them?

It's literally that simple.

You can use a custom keyboard layout that includes those characters:

So just copy and paste this into a text file called Files/.rockbox/whatever.kbd? Does the character selection area automatically take up more space or do I have to pick and choose the specific characters I want up to the number of spaces already shown? I know I could just try it and see but if there's anything like that I would like to know beforehand.

EDIT: Is there a way I can have the normal spacing in the character selection are so I don't need to scroll through two or more screens?


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