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RockBOx No Partition Found Insert USB Cable HELP

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Apple I pod Video

Built from Scratch with parts from Ali Express:

Logic board mainboard 32M 64M for iPod 5th 5.5th gen video 30 GB 60 GB 80 GB

Installed I flash - sata V10:

With a King spec m.2 1tb:,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_

So put this all together and before closing got the message to insert the usb cable to restore, result!

Did this and I tunes popped up, looks like you need to restore this device, connect it to iTunes.

Go through the steps and boom your iPod is now ready to use, brilliant!

It works on iTunes and shows the actual capacity of the 1tb m.2 card under the iPod section, fantastic!

The storage pops up like an external drive in windows too. Showing the ipod folders and in properties the storage ammount.

Using windwos 10. Files can be dragged and dropped to the storage and they copy and display fine within windows just not on the ipod itself.

I fire up rock box an install it on the iPod, waiting for all steps to complete and follow until it says completed.

I eject the iPod with rock box and it initiates booting in rock box on the iPod screen.

Only to have the rock box logo appear for a second and then disappear now displaying the following message:

No partition
Insert usb cable
And fix it?

I'm going to apologise straight away if this has been answered I have looked and seen it mentioned online and in this forum but no definitive solution provider I have seen. (Most likely wrong! sorry in advance, hope it's a real simple fix:-X)

Please if anyone can help I'm absolutely gutted by this! It had all gone so smoothly, just to be beaten at the final hurdle!

Use a dev build instead of the 3.15 release.


--- Quote from: speachy on August 19, 2020, 10:14:36 AM ---Use a dev build instead of the 3.15 release.

--- End quote ---

Ok I will uninstall and re install with a dev build and report back.

Thank you

Just copy the dev build over the release build. You don't need to uninstall.

Ok. I did any way before seeing your message and just to start fresh, however the same problem persists


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