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Can't skip songs only fast-forward


Hello everyone, I am sorry if this is the wrong subforum to post this in. I just bought a second-hand iPod classic 5 and it has a Rockbox installed on it. So far I've been liking it quite a lot except for one big (for me) issue that I can't seem to get right - doesn't matter if I play from Music or Playlist folder I just can't get the songs to skip forward or backward. I tried going to the settings (Playback settings) and playing around to see if I can make it skip but sadly nothing works. Am I doing it wrong or is the iPod simply having an issue with the buttons?

Nevermind, I turned off "Prevent track-skipping" and now it works .. I thought it's meant to prevent tracks from skipping while playing without you having touched anything since I saw a lot of people with stock interface complaining about it.


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