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iPods - Scroll on QuickScreen to quickly adjust volume

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I uploaded two patches to Gerrit. One to update the status bar (quickly) after changing the volume on the QuickScreen – because currently the display visibly lags a bit behind the changed value, another to allow access to the QuickScreen from the playlist viewer and playlist catalogue (or other directories  filtered by a certain file type (e.g. the list of themes). Maybe you could try it out once/if it is reviewed and accepted.

The latest dev version enables the quickscreen for those other contexts, and so far all seems to be working 'as advertised'.

Didn't actually notice the old behaviour re: lagging volume indicators, but it doesn't seem to be a problem in this version.  May go back and try a previous version to see what the difference is in that respect.  Will also try and add something to my own themes to make the quickmenu mention that the volume can be adjusted.


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