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Wolfenstein 3D - why only shareware version supported ?


Is there a major reason why Wolf3D plugin only supports shareware files ? Wolf4SDL source code which you use supports all renditions of the game, including Spear of Destiny.
I was easily able to get full version (v1.4 Activision/ID files) going with a few minor tweaks. Didn't do extensive testing, but Episode 2 does load fine for me.

It does work with the full version. However, we do not distribute the full version due to copyright reasons.

I understand that, but then why do you claim only shareware is supported when the game can clearly run all versions. Due to different build options required ?

Note that a version of the game being "unsupported" does not mean that it will not run.

In this case we compile wolf3d with the CARMACIZED and UPLOAD macros, which is designed to work with v1.4 of the shareware. Whether it works with other versions is not guaranteed, so we can claim to "support" only the shareware version.

Understood. I won't bother you about this anymore.
I can confirm it does at least run with the full version v1.4 if you adjust the build options.


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