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Duke3D Atomic Edition on Fuze+ - hard lock up !

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I wanted to test the Duke3D plugin on Fuze+ using the original GRP from Atomic Edition (v.1.5)
The game did a partial cache of the GRP, gave me a warning about unknown GRP (even though it's the original one) and then hard-locked up with message "point 12". By hard-locked up I mean I couldn't even turn the player off by holding the power button ! It was frozen solid.
To turn the player off, I had to open the case, get the mainboard out and short-circuit the battery to kill power (the alternative was to wait 8+ hours for the battery to drain which I didn't want to do).

Wiki says the game plugin should be able to work with partially cached GRP files but it seems that it doesn't, at least not on Fuze+.

So do not try running Atomic Edition on this player !

Original v1.3d version runs fine.

I've pushed a fix for this in the latest development build. Try that.

Will test. Let's hope I won't have to resort to medieval methods to reboot the player this time.

Atomic Edition files which I've tested are original files with correct CRC checksums (at least according to WinRAR), yet they still fail the official GRP check for some reason. I didn't look at the code, maybe the check only uses the cached part for calculating CRC ?

There exist several different versions of the "official" GRP. It's possible that yours doesn't match the canonical version byte-for-byte.

Could you post both the CRC32 and length (in bytes) of your DUKE3D.GRP file?

CRC is FD3DCFF1, size 44356548 bytes


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