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3G Daily builds now available (with audio playback!)

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Thanks to dan_a's help, the final bug in the ipod 3g audio driver has now been eliminated, and the 3g port now has audio playback.

So there are now daily (and CVS aka Bleeding Edge) builds for the 3g.

I don't own a 3g, but from dan_a's reports, there still seems a long way to go to a functioning port.  FLAC and WAV playback seem to work to some extent, but MP3 decoding is too slow - meaning buffer underruns and skips during playback.

But it's progress.  None of the core developers own 3gs, so it's really going to be up to existing 3g owners to like dan_a to help get the port up to speed.  But saying that, most of the 3g code is the same as the code running on other ipods (and other Rockbox targets), so all general improvements will benefit the 3g port.  It's the 3g-specific optimisations and bug-fixes that are going to be hard for developers without 3gs to help with.


Recently, my ipod 3g's usb and firewire are just stop working. So, the only way i can sync my songs to the ipod is hooking its hard drive directly to my computer. I found out the way rockbox manages mp3 files and it's ideal for me. So, is there anything i could help, please let me know.. ;)

How can i test and debug a compiled code in ipod? do i need an emulator?

That's great news!  I'm no coder, but I'd be glad to help test builds.

Let me know.

I have a 3G and would love to help test, but I do not know how to compile it myself. Can someone point me in the right direction?


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