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GBA emulation on iPod Classic 7th Generation (Rockboy)

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Please forgive me for my ignorance of programming and other technical stuff: (correct me if i make a mistake)

But is there any way i can play GBA games on my iPod 7th gen? i was able to install rockbox on my iPod by using the build 3.15 for an iPod 6th gen and porting it onto my iPod seventh gen and the bug of the Pokemon center (freezing when asking the nurse to heal Pokemon) does not occur, so my rockboy seems to be working very well. all my games seems to be running smoothly ( I'm talking about games like gta2 and air force delta which is a 3d game) and when people said that ipl and iboy could work gba games i did try to download iPodLinux but unfortunately they did not have a software (or whatever you call it ) for the iPod 7th gen. And i even tried to make the iboy emulators, viewers in rocbox by adding the extension .rock at the end

Files are here for the iboy emulator;

i also tried finding ways of converting GBA files to GBC files so that i could play it on rockboy since i knew that rockboy cannot emulate GBA games but there was no way to do this (there was a way however on how to convert gb and gbc files to gba using something called goomba.

is there a way that you can upgrade rockboy to play slow gba games such as Pokemon Fire Red or Pokemon Leaf Green or a way to downgrade GBA games to GBC?

Thank you in advance.

There is no way to do that. 

Also, the 6G and 7G are the same device just with different hard drive sizes.

So what you are saying is that emulating gba games like Pokemon fire red is impossible.
 I understand that the iPod won't be able to emulate a game like the legend of Zelda but can't it run a slow game like the Pokemon's?
 I mean the pokemon fire red is an upgrade of the original Gameboy games, only they added a ton of extra detail and 512 color pallet but isn't the iPod capable of showing 512 colors? I mean, my photos are all different colors and my iPod doesn't lag when switching from photo to photo

But technically you are saying that unless someone finds a way to downgrade gba games to a lower running speed (or whatever the problem is with emulating gba games on my iPod ) or they make iPodLinux software capable of running on a 6g iPod, it is impossible to emulate gba games such as pokemon fire red straight from rockboy even if they upgraded rockboy?


--- Quote from: saratoga on February 01, 2009, 04:56:24 PM ---I'd expect advance emulation to be fairly fast on the ipod since it uses the same CPU as the Ipod.

--- End quote ---

 I think that if someone could possibly make a way for the iGPSP emulator code files to be a SECOND emulator for rockbox so people could pick and choose between which emulator they would like to use, it would make life easier for all of us.

Rockbox already uses the same emulator as iBoy. (Gnuboy) You can't play Gameboy advance games because Gnuboy is not a Gameboy advance emulator.


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