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All Archos targets have been retired


It's the end of an era.

As of 2020-07-24, support for the following devices has been removed from git master:

 Archos Player/Jukebox/Studio
 Archos Recorder
 Archos FM Recorder
 Archos Recorder v2
 Archos Ondio SP
 Archos Ondio FM

Going forward, there will be no more daily builds or any further consideration given to continuing to maintain the Archos platform and the infrastructure that exists solely to support it.  This includes the entire sh architecture, non-bitmap LCDs, buttonbars, HWCODEC support, and the many, many special cases littered all over the codebase and hosting infrastructure.

In practical terms, this won't affect many folks as the Archos targets have been not seen any new feature developments for some time. Indeed, the Recorder v1 hasn't been buildable since the end of 2013!

However, past releases continue to work as well as they ever have, and will remain available for download indefinitely, both via the web site and the Rockbox Utility.

Pour one out for the Archos line.

I've wanted to do this for more than ten years.  Thanks!


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