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"Download error: Received HTTP error 0." while downloading themes.

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I have already installed Rockbox but now I want to install themes, but when I choose a theme and click install, I get an error. I have attached the log file from the installer. I am running the program in a High Sierra VirtualBox VM because I'm on Catalina.

See here:,53340.msg246259.html#msg246259

You're using an outdated version (1.4.0 is at over 6 years old.) Quite some stuff has changed in the web, especially with ssl, so there's no surprise the old binary isn't up with that anymore.

I didn't even know that this was even a thing. Thanks SO much!

same error for downloading rockbox build for sansa clip +

but i have 10.13 and the new rockbox utility is for 10.15

what shall i do please!/


just do it manually
choose your device download a theme and unzip to the root (folder that .rockbox/ exists in currently)


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