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Loseing Theme setings

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When i restart my ipod it change to default theme and i have to reaload the theme i like
Any ideas where is the problem ?

I experience the same problems here, I also loose my menu settings, no id3 Database anymore , I need to reset the theme and the options.

Is this happening in the official build, or are you using someone's modified one?

Also, how do you shut down your iPod? Are the themes lost on a *proper* shutdown, or do you plug in the USB cabe, or Menu+Select into Apple?

I'm using the well known experimental build (the name says it all), and when I close the ipod I just hold the lay button for 6 seconds until I see the shutdown box. So it might be a problem that only occurs in the experimental builds because of the album cover patch or something similar.

Problems that only happen in unofficial builds should only be reported in the thread for that build. Please do not create a thread until you can verify it happens in the official one.


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