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Would it be possible to commission a build of Rockbox?

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I'm not sure if it's usual, but would it be possible to ask someone for a build of Rockbox for iPod Video?
All I am after is a standard build, but with the ability to search by Track in "database" and <All Tracks> removed.
I have far too much music for this to be useful.

Would anyone be kind enough to help me with this?

The database structure can be edited in the config files for the standard build, although it it complicated:

Thanks! This is exactly what I wanted. I am messing around with it now.

Sorry to doublepost.
I can't seem to find where <All Tracks>  under Album Artist/Artist/Genre etc would be located.
I managed to remove the ability to search by Track which is exactly what I wanted.
If I can do this last thing, I will be very satisfied with my Rockbox player. ;D

checkout the lua script tag nav manager on the player and the source of the script on a PC

I set it up so a script can add an option to refresh without reboot as well

MainMenu>Plugins>Demos>lua_scripts>>> tagnav.lua

src: /.rockbox/rocks/demos/lua_scripts/tagnav.lua

The interface isn't the most wonderful but its a demo so feel free to post your enhancements etc.


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