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How to save and browse (load) Recording settings (iRiver iHP-120)?


I have iRiver iHP-120 running Rockbox version 3.15.

When I goto

Settings - Recording Settings

the last two options (lines) are:

Browse .cfg Files
Save .cfg File

When I choose the last one with Navi-button (in order to save the current config) there will be line


visible and I can edit it so it will be like /.rockbox/recpresetsKimble303

And after saving it (with Play-button) there will be a file (with no extension) called "recpresetsKimble303"
in the .rockbox-folder of my iRiver. The path with my case is: My Computer > IHP-100(E:) > .rockbox
(= E:\.rockbox).

Or you can save it with extension, for example as recpresetsKimble303.cfg and it will be with extension .cfg in in the .rockbox-folder of my iRiver.

And when I open the file (either with .cfg-extension or not) with Notepad of my computer, I can see the contents of the file and obviously my settings saved:

--- Code: ---# .cfg file created by rockbox 3.15 -

rec timesplit: off
rec sizesplit: off
rec channels: stereo
rec mono mode: L+R
rec split type: Split
rec split method: Time
rec source: fmradio
prerecording time: 10
rec path: /
cliplight: main
rec mic gain: 16
rec left gain: -1
rec right gain: -1
rec frequency: 44
rec format: mpa3
mp3_enc bitrate: 128
trigger start threshold dB: -35
trigger start threshold linear: 5
trigger stop threshold dB: -45
trigger stop threshold linear: 10
trigger start duration: off
trigger stop duration: off
trigger min gap: 1
trigger mode: off
trigger type: stop
histogram interval: 0
--- End code ---

But when I try to Browse .cfg Files (the second last option in Settings - Recording Settings) with Navi, nothing happens. I cannot browse anything.

How can I take advantage of saved Recording Settings (.cfg-files created by rockbox 3.15) if I cannot browse and load them?

You should also be able to browse to the file and load it using the file browser.  Does that work?

I can seemingly browse the .cfg-files from

Settings - Manage Settings - Browse .cfg Files.

But somehow not from

Settings - Recording Settings - Browse .cfg Files.


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