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where does pictureflow store its database?

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I already use the simulator to build the database, copying the *.tcd files to the ipod(s) afterwards (quicker, saves battery life and more reliable with flash mods).  If I were to do the same with pictureflow, does anyone know what files need to be copied across?

I think pictureflow uses the same files as the database (the *.tcd files). The slides are created in rocks\demos\pictureflow. So copying the *.pfraw files over should do it.

Thanks.  Though now I have the follow-on question - how do I ensure the simulator uses the latest rockbox dev version?  I'm guessing the simulators have to be built from source?

(Want to test out the recent changes to pictureflow - found it actually crashed when I tried to build the picture database on the ipod itself - but I don't know if there's a bug in the new picture flow changes or if it's just that building that database is too much of a strain on the flash-modded ipod, which of course has the known flash-mod ata-driver issues when writing to the disk)

The problem now is that the simulators available for direct download are all compiled with older versions of rockbox, from before the recent change to the pictureflow plugin, hence aren't compatible with the latest release or dev version.  I realise the solution is probably to compile my own simulator build, but that means powering up the linux box and working out again how to do that (I've managed it in the past, but have forgotten how it's done), and I can't face the effort!

Building the picture database on the ipod itself seems to take a ridiculous amount of time.  So much time I suspect the battery will drain before it finishes.

I missed your post Form july, but I don't know if the code for Plugins in dev builds and UiSim builds are identical.

A nice and well done guide for compiling is


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