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To Rockbox or not for audiobooks on my ipod.


2018 Rockbox better than stock Apple firmware for audiobooks? I haven't seen a Rockbox post recently and I am curious how well it works on an ipod.

I have an ipod 5.5gen and I am not really happy with how the stock firmware handles audiobooks - shows up in audiobook and music folders despite itunes marking them as audiobooks, I lose my bookmark every time I plug it into a computer, not a lot of playback options and I get Itunes errors when trying to transfer an enhanced audible file.

Thanks for any replies!

An old post but i thought i reply anyway..

I have a classic that  have Rockbox
The nice thing is that Rockbox creates a bookmark every time you turn it off so its easy getting back at the right spot.
Even with multiple audiobooks at once :D

I would highly recomend rockboxing it.
I have gotten much more use out if my ipod with Rockbox.
Maninly audiobooks.


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