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format mac iPod classic 160GB to a winpod (FAT32)


Hello, a little help please.
I have an iPod classic 160Gb formatted with iTunes from a machos. i need to format my apple iPod classic to a fat32.
I follow the instruction what are in the corresponding manual.
The manual says "that the i have to Download the partition table file that match for my iPod, to recreate the partition table of a Windows formatted iPod you need to download the partition table file that exactly matches your iPod model....."
the option to download are:

iPod Model   Partition table
5GB 1st Generation   mbr-1g-5gb.bin
10GB 2nd Generation   mbr-g2-10gb.bin
20GB 2nd Generation   mbr-g2-20gb.bin
15GB 3rd Generation   mbr-3g-15gb.bin
20GB 3rd Generation   mbr-3g-20gb.bin
40GB 3rd Generation   mbr-3g-40gb.bin
20GB 4th Generation   mbr-4g-20gb.bin
40GB 4th Generation   mbr-4g-40gb.bin
4GB Mini 1st Generation   mbr-mini1g-4gb.bin
4GB Mini 2nd Generation   mbr-mini2g-4gb.bin
6GB Mini 2nd Generation   mbr-mini2g-6gb.bin
1GB Nano 1st Generation   mbr-nano1g.bin
2GB Nano 1st Generation   mbr-nano2gb.bin
4GB Nano 1st Generation   mbr-nano4gb.bin
60GB Photo/Color   mbr-photo60gb.bin
30GB Video (512-byte sectors)   mbr-video30gb.bin
60GB Video (512-byte sectors)   mbr-video60gb.bin
30GB Video (2048-byte sectors)   mbr-video30gb-2048.bin
80GB Video (2048-byte sectors)   mbr-video80gb-2048.bin

Now, what is the file of "partition table" that i have to use to my iPod classic 160GB?

I have used the last one but i´m not sure that is correct.

In advance Thank you for your help

Alain Hermosilla Ringger

If your iPod is unmodified you have a 6th gen or a 7.5th gen iPod classic. You can look up with the serial number here:

If it is so, the partition table is not listed.

My iPod is a 6th generation.
I look that the partición table is not listed
But what is the partition table that i have to used to fórmated my iPod?



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