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I branched my own version of PictureFlow, and I fixed a few bugs!

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Wow, sounds great if you have that working.  I've been hoping for ages that someone could amend pictureflow so that you could browse albums grouped by artist, not just by album-name.  Tried to look into it myself but gave up (because I really couldn't figure out how the existing plug-in prepared it's database).  Does your patch make that a selectable option or does it make it that way by default? [Edit - I guess to allow that choice, there could be two seperate plug-ins, one that does it as the existing one does, plus one that does it by artist name as yours does...though that would require both to build their own art database separately, it might be the simplest way of allowing a choice]

I've also noticed that 'merging albums with same title' thing (comes up with all those "Best of" and "greatest hits").  That fix sounds like good work as well.  Hope this can be merged into the main release.  You have my thanks if it can be.

Umm it is the way it works now by default. I thought about this...  and it is not easy to implement that option... I mean... Its possible but not straight forward, due to the way PictureFlow stores the information. PictureFlow keeps the information the way is provided by tagcache (database) after launching the initial query. To present the albums in an specific order you either have two options: 1 modifying the initial query or 2 provide data structures and algorithmic solutions to sort the information you got previously. It could be an extension for the future, why not.

What really bugs my mind though, is the fact that you have to provide non-progressive jpg files if you want PictureFlow to read the art of your albums. Right now I have a recursive bash script for linux that basically transforms any file named "[Cc]over.jpg" or "[Cc]over.png" into a proper non-progressive file. Lets say that I have a discography that I want to be shown properly within PictureFlow... What I usually do is to download the covers from google, and then I run the script before copying everything to the iPod and everything looks neat. It works for me... But I assume the average user can be annoyed by this limitation, and I would like to find a solution.


--- Quote from: __builtin on June 07, 2020, 10:18:11 PM ---We'd certainly be interested in your changes. If you're comfortable with Git (and using your real name so we can assign credit properly), see

Otherwise you can upload your code somewhere accessible, and we can take care of it.

--- End quote ---

Uploaded, but with no reviewers assigned!

There are conflicts with other patches caused by the language files... life is hard.

I'm new in this forum so... first things first: hello Rockbox community! :)

I am owning an ipod classic 6g since 2009. I came in touch with Rockbox somewhere around 2014/2015 time frame, putting it on the device and was really disappointed about the performance, user experience and battery life. So I moved back to the original firmware immediately, done..

Some weeks ago, I was searching for a picture flow souce code for another project I had in mind. It flashed to my mind that there was one implemented in Rockbox - from my first experience with Rockbox. Well, times go by and I have also reassessed the application to my ipod again. I have seen that there have been done a lot of improvements to the support of the classic 6g. Finally, I gave it a second try... hurray!

It is really impressive now how Rockbox performs on the classic 6g!!, WELL DONE! Battery life is comparable with the original FW, still with the original battery, and getting away from iTunes finally.. hurray!!

I have also checked the source code on adding DSP functions, have checked the sound quality processing, dithering, and the CS42L55 DAC management. Excellent work!! My idea was about digital room correction FIRs. But, dropped the idea quickly. However, the 108MHz/216MHz CPU might be capable to do FIRs up to 1000 taps, but the power efficiency / audiophile gain would be fairly limited.

Now back to the topic I am working on a solution...

--- Quote from: EricLecarde on June 08, 2020, 03:23:43 PM ---I know PictureFlow is included as a demo plugin, but for me it is contradictory to have PictureFlow integration through the WPS menu, but to have PictureFlow placed in an obscure deep corner of the OS menus. So... I started by modifying RockBox to include this feature as a Main Menu item.

--- End quote ---

Well, it is a "shame" that the coverflow feature is hidden in the demo section of the plugins. I did the checkout of this patch together with the latest version available, compiled and copied to the device, reboot. Still, I see the plugin in the demo folder. Can somebody guide me where to do the modifications to see it at the root menu?



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