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Where did the Fonts go?

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I just installed Ver 20060717 and I can't change my fonts.  When you select the browse fonts, it does nothing.

********** EDIT *******

Never mind. I figured it out.

for the benefit of users with the same problem stumbling on this thread:
- there's a separate zip downloadable from the daily build page
- or try here:

I made this topic a sticky.
Many users ask this question, I hope this will help a little.

Fonts have been moved from daily and bleeding edge builds (the zip file) to daily build page.
As petur noted, you can find them here:

As soon as old users (and new ones) learn about this change I will unsticky it.

There seems to be a Unicode font missing that I liked very much on my X5. I don't even remember the name but it's not there or not recognizeable any more...pretty sure anyway. It's not in the fonts zip. I take it some font(s) are no longer included? When did it change?  ???

Look here:

This site has a vast amount of fonts for Rockbox (unicode too).
Just download the fonts you like and select them in Rockbox.


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