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FLAC problem on H120

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Hi i have just installed the latest build of rockbox. Everything seems great bar my flac files constantly pausing for 1 second as if its buffering the content.  Is this a known problem? Is there anything i can do to stop this?

All other codecs work ok as far as im aware just FLAC.

How often do you mean by "constantly?"

You will have to give more details in order to help you.

Do you mean that playback stops for 1 second every so and then?
Do you use any plugin when this occurs? This can appear if you quick scroll for too long in a big directory or a playlist. Though it is very rare and due to be fixed.

It plays for say 5 seconds then 1 second pause(well no sound) then 5 seconds play etc...
This also happends with m4a files in the same way.

The FLAC files are approximatly 60 mins long each.

I dont use any plug in, im not scroling through anything either just playing the file.

This is very strange!!!

FLAC is the most optimized codec in Rockbox. It shouldn't skip even in heavy usage.
I assume that you are running the latest official build?


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