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Replaygain 2.0 (EBU R128) capability (for OPUS files)


Hello everyone,

I recently switched from Ogg Vorbis to Ogg Opus encoding and made the discovery that very few softwares/hardwares were actually handling R128 replaygain. Rockbox doesn't.

Here is some reading for those that don't know about EBU R128 replaygain :

* Replaygain 2.0 specifications :
* Ogg Opus :

It is actually possible with various softwares to store RG 1.0 information in Opus files but Opus specs forbid the use of old ReplayGain because it has its own specs.

Is anyone else confronted with the same problem ?

NB : if anyone has info on audio players for linux that handles RG2.0 I'm interested too!

I made quite some research about this issue, a lot on hydrogenaudio, and right now, for anyone using opus and wanting to get replay gains compatible with other formats (mp3, ogg...) the only solution is to store "old" replaygain tags (replaygain_albumgain and so on...) in the opus files even though that's not recommended.

This message not getting any answer probably indicates that it's not a problem for a lot of people ; but for information and because I stumbled upon it, some guys from the other side of the fence (IETF, the Internet Engineering Task Force) also find this problem annoying (see the email archives if you want to have a look).

I guess this is also a more general problem : very few softwares apparently handle the R128_ALBUM_GAIN and R128_TRACK_GAIN tags. Foobar2000 seems to be the exception.

The initial commit of opus notes that R128 should be used, so this is a known issue:

Thank you for the answer!  :)


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