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Building Database on Clip Zip and Clip+



I am not sure if this is an issue, or me not understanding the rockbox GUI correctly. I have a sansa Clip Zip and a Clip+. I installed rockbox on both using the Rockbox Utility. When I go to Database, It asks me to initialize and then it says:

"Building database.... 758 found (OFF to return)"

1) Is it supposed to change once it completes building the database, or is that message telling me it is done? It stays like that seemingly forever on both players. There are NO songs loaded on these yet.

2) What does building the database accomplish?

Thank you!

It should start committing the database next (steps 1-9 IIRC)
if there are no songs on the devices not sure why it found 700+ files though...

The database allows you to search by track name, genre, etc..

It lists all the files it checked, not just audio.  There used to be a known issue where trying to build the database with zero songs would fail, not sure if that was ever fixed.

I think it includes 'folders' as well as 'files' in that count.


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