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Rockboy -- Converting or (ideally) transferring a Save between emulators


I have gotten nowhere on solving the problem with the Zelda Oracle games and am wondering if I can play them on another emulator up to the main menu or later, save and then transfer the save file to Rockbox. I see that the save files are .rbs, I assume meaning "Rockboy Save", meaning Rockbox's GBC emulator was created specifically for Rockbox. If so, is there a way to translate another emulator's save file into a .rbs file? Or does anybody know of an emulator where I simply need to change .sav or whatever to .rbs?

Rockboy is a port of GNUboy, so you might want to try that one.

How would I go about this?

JohnGBC saves are compatible with Rockboy, you just need to rename the file extension from SAV. to .RBS. I don't know about save states through. (Also if you have a Chromebook you can install ChroGBC, supports RBS saves.)


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