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I accidentally did something to the Rockboy code and had to delete the file, but now when I try to reinstall Rockbox I get to 1% and then a Not Responding message forever (Windows 7 here, or maybe even XP). Is there a way I can download the Rockboy file by itself and cut and paste it into .rockboy>rocks>viewers on my iPod?

You can download a build using the link on the left side of the screen and then copy whatever files you want. Note that plugins like rockboy are not necessarily portable between different builds of rockbox.

Do you mean the Dev Builds link?

Yes, if you want the dev build.  You could also download the release. 

One more thing - make sure that the version of rockbox you download is the exact same as the version installed on your device. Otherwise, rockboy might not run, because plugins are tightly bound to the core.


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