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Voice UI not working with latest dev build

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My Clip+ display died about 2 years ago and I've been using Rockbox's voice UI since.

After upgrading to the most recent dev firmware earlier this week, voice operation no longer works. The hardware is functional otherwise, for example after booting, pressing down 2x to Resume Playback then right once, playback is resumed as expected.

Just now I've re-formatted the internal flash partition to FAT32, re-installed the bootloader (2019-08-09T16:26:29) and dev build (b450707) and re-created the voice file with the Utility using the espeak-ng TTS from Debian stable. The problem remains: no voice operation despite the player appearing fully functional.

Can anyone please help?

The dev versions now have checks for invalid voice files
Did you grab the latest voice files OR when is the last time you generated voice files

I'm the one who pushed those checks BTW..
I was tired of weird voice glitches and even the occasional crash due to incompatible voice files

Not sure how to best warn of that especially in your case
ATM it just logf's the failure
Maybe it can just say the first entry for every voice on invalid voice files


--- Quote from: Bilgus on May 08, 2020, 01:18:02 PM ---Did you grab the latest voice files OR when is the last time you generated voice files
--- End quote ---

I generated the voice file locally with the Utility when I re-formatted the internal flash, details in the 3rd paragraph of the OP.

Should I switch the TTS engine or download the voice file from Rockbox instead of generating it?

As long as you are using the same voice as your build then it should be good but feel free to try the one on the mainsite
If that works then there might be a bug in rbutil or my code

Thanks, it works!

Deleted .rockbox, installed 3.15 firmware and voice file with the Utility and the UI is voiced as expected.

Then installed the dev firmware with the Utility and unzipped the daily voice file over it with the same results as above. However, I did not try the dev firmware with the 3.15 voice file.

The only TTS engine that passes the Utility's configuration test is the one I was using, espeak-ng, and the .talk files it generated continue to work as long as english.voice is the downloaded one.

btw, I forgot to mention I'm using an old Utility because the new binary doesn't run on Debian, I think I have some dependencies missing and since the old one still works I've never bothered.
Apologies if this issue is already fixed in the newest Utility, I've been trained to ignore its update prompts.


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