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Saving related files to created directories


Would it be possible to make a feature for the iPod Rockbox that would make save new files in a created directory without having to move them yourself?

For example say I have three .sok (Sokoban game solution video files) files and I create a new directory called sokFiles, and move the .sok files to that folder. Currently I have to cut and paste any future .sok files into this new folder. I want to be able to simply create the directory, move all existing .sok files to it, and know that any future ones will automatically be saved in that directory as well.

best you could do is to manually run a script every once in a while that moved *.sok to /SokFiles

Automatically would never happen except maybe to run that script on startup

This is a fairly trivial task if you can mount your ipod on a linux computer. Then just
--- Code: ---mv *.sok sokFiles/
--- End code ---


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