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Clip Zip Firmware not updating


I am brand new to this forum, thanks in advance for your patience.  I am a blind person who thoroughly enjoys Rockbox on the Sansa Clip Zip and the iPod Classic 6G for its speech capability and nice features.  I'm asking for your thoughts regarding a Clip Zip 8gb whose original firmware will not update either upon disconnecting the player from the PC after copying the CLPZA.bin file to the root, or holding rewind and pressing power to get to the OF.  The only file visible on this player is CLPZA.bin.  I have attempted to boot the player by pressing the rewind side of the navigation pad and then pressing power, but the player says with each attempt, "Updating firmware, file not found, plug into USB."  My PC recognizes the player as a drive, and lets me copy to it.  I put a Micro-SD card in the player, and I could not see it on my computer.  I don't have the eyesight to disassemble the player and use a piece of wire to unblock the protected part of the flash where the operating system resides to copy an image on to the player, and I hate to just junk it before making a good effort to revive it.  I used Rockbox Utility to install Rockbox plus the Bootloader after several attempts to make it update its original firmware, and I still got, "Updating firmware, file not found, plug into USB."  Any thoughts are appreciated.  Thanks for this good forum.

I'm not sure I understand what you are trying to do.  Do you already have Rockbox installed? 


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