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Hi There,

I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good 3rd-party format converter application (preferably a free one), which would allow me to convert my entire iTunes library music library from ALAC to FLAC.

I ripped all of my CDs into iTunes using ALAC however, it doesn't appear to be possible to load these files onto (and play them from) my Sansa Clip+

I'm mainly looking for something that would not require any special coding or editing of metadata. Just something very basic and user-friendly.

I have used Helium for this purpose recently however, this just seemed to be a very convoluted process (or maybe I just didn't know what I was doing).

The files I currently have on my Clip+ are in fact already stored in the FLAC format. However, I would really like to delete all of them and start all over again as I have purchased a few new CDs since then also. Is there a way to remove music files currently on the Clip+ without deleting the Rockbox firmware?

Thanks for any help!

dbpoweramp, foobar2000. 

You can delete the music files from your player just like any other files.

for lossless to lossy i have been using:
what i use because it copes embedded album art from flac to opus
maybe they can be hacked to do alac to flac?


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