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Database updates when adding or deleting new content (iPod Video in iTunes)

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What is the expected and easiest way to be able to modify files on iPod via iTunes and at the same time keep/update the existing database in Rockbox?

I am using iTunes with iPod Video to sync my files.

Each time I add a file or delete a file in iTunes, when i switch back to Rockbox my database will most of he time Initialize and if not I do not see any new files.

Looking at the Rockbox manual the Auto-update function should take care of updating the database but in my case it is not and initializing to 12000 songs takes 10mins, removes all of my playcount data and I also have to update PictureFlow database. I tried backing up database files and restoring them, but then my changes to files are not reflected.

Seems like not possible to sync in iTunes and have database recognize added and deleted content which I do often.


I have noticed that in the latest code, there is a more limited set of database config params and Update Now worked (after a while) when adding songs in iTunes. However when removing songs from iTunes, the database had to be reinitialized as soon as Rockbox booted (maybe the song I deleted was in Playlist or something like that)?

I'm having the same problem on my iPod Video  :'(. I tried to upload new music by simply dropping files in my custom folder but when selecting "update now"  the database had to be initialized. Other times it worked for a while but after a reboot the log "database is not ready" was shown and the database had to be initialized anyway. So I tried switching to disc mode and uploading music using iTunes, but the result didn't change. I've then tried switching to apple original firmware and again uploading music with iTunes and this time it worked. I'm going to try uploading something else via iTunes again and see if it keeps working. Anyway I think that when it comes to database the software is not super comfortable when  there is music in the "apple" folders and in other folders simultaneously on the iPod. As soon as I'll have time I'll try erasing all the music uploaded with iTunes and upload all my library in a custom folder aaand... see what happens :)

If someone has other ideas I would be very glad to know, thanks to everyone!!!  ;D

Hi everyone - I'm back!  ;D
So, I tried some different things. First I kept on adding music via iTunes (without any music on my custom folder \My Audio\). This, as I expected, worked well with the database update. Then I did a complete reset of my iPod, installed Rockbox again and tried to add music on my custom folder. It worked the first times, but when I added my whole 8000 songs library the database update started giving me issues again. The "Database is not ready" screen appeared every time i tried to update the database, so I was quite ready to resign myself to manage my music via iTunes. But then I decided to make one more try and install the rockbox develpement version (updated on 05/18) and surprisingly now the database update works. So Rockbox staff must have fixed this flaw!

I thought it was over, but turns out it wasn't! I still got that infamous "database not ready" screen even with the updated build. I kept on thinking about what could be the factor that triggers that behaviour, and I think it's the "load to RAM" option. When disabled, all the uploading and database updating process works fine. When enabled, after the first shutdown and restart it will ask to re-initialize the dabase. So maybe I found the weak point in the chain...


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