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Is it possible to make a file similar to shortcuts.txt for Quick Screen entry?


What I'd ideally like is one of the buttons on the QuickScreen to rotate between 3 situations (this is an example but there may be other uses):

1. Stereo/Crossfeed off
2. Mono/Crossfeed off
3. Stereo/Crossfeed meier

I can write three .cfg files to achieve these things. I have done, and I've linked them to the Shortcuts menu using shortcuts.txt . That contains other controls as well.

It would be nice to find a way to create a file under the same rules as shortcuts.txt to put those three choices rotating on the same QuickScreen button. Unless it can already be done and I've missed something.

Can I say that if it's not straightforward, don't worry. I am so happy with Rockbox on my Sansa Fuze as is.


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