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sansa clip plus .fw update


need advice. on sansa clip sport

1. trying to install alternative firmware on subj. The oly one i have found is us212a_demo.fw but the audio product tool
shows err. 53 and dosnt worj
If somebody know any analogs for the audio product tool that help to deal with us212a_demo.fw ?
Is there any alternative firmware for sansa clip sport besides us212a_demo.fw ?

2. Can somebody advise me where i can learn more about drivers and altwrnatice firmware for sansa clip sport?

3. what tools is best to wipe clean flash memory on briked sansa clip sport ? (assyming fdisk and format doesnt work)

p s. sorry if my post is off topic. maybe somebody can nudge me in right direction.


There is no alternative firmware for the clip sport. If you can't format the storage on the player, it's probably broken.


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