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Made a keymappings patch for AGPTEK rocker - where to send it?



My first post here, so apologies if I'm asking the obvious but I can't find a good answer.

I've patched the AGPTEK Rocker keymappings a little to make them work more like the Sansa Clip and fix a strange root menu behaviour.

Where should I submit my patch for consideration? Documentation says on Flyspray, but then it also says that they only accept language patches there. I can't find where else I should post my keymappings patch.

Who can help?



The proper place is gerrit (see but if that's too complex for you to sort out just attach it to a flyspray ticket.

(And I apologize in advance for the state of both.  I will be improving a lot of stuff once the infrastructure migration is completed)

Thanks for that. I'll go with flyspray for now and try and learn git if this turns into a longer term thing!


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