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How many songs can Rockbox handle

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I have a iHP140.
The iRiver software can handle only 9.999 songs.
Support Rockbox more than 10.000 songs?


There is a configurable limit of numbers in a single folder with an upper limit of 10000, but this applies only to the number in a single list (i.e. a directory or a view when using tagcache).

Mr. Brownstone:

iRiver firmware = 9,999 for the whole device.
ROCKbox = 10,000 per folder.

Now, THAT's clear;)

Why is it that iRiver has a limit of 9.999 songs?


--- Quote from: WouteЯ on July 17, 2006, 07:49:49 AM ---Why is it that iRiver has a limit of 9.999 songs?

--- End quote ---
That's something you should ask them, but I believe it has to do with lazy coding on their part. They index all the files on the player, and I guess they have hardcoded the size of their file database.


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