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Play history and wake display button


I'm on an Iriver H320.

I listen to podcasts between music but the list of podcasts is long and all the titles look the same so after a few days away it's impossible to remember what you were listening to. It would be great if I could pull up a play history and just click on the last podcast, hit resume and pick up where I left off.

The second one  is minor and maybe there's already a function but once my display turns off I can't find a way to wake the display without triggering a button function. If I hit pause or navi it wakes and instigates that function. It would be good to have a button that just woke the display without triggering an actual function.

Settings/General/Display/LCD Settings/First Buttonpress Enables Backlight Only

Afraid I don't exactly understand what you are asking in the first question.  Maybe you could just use a bookmark when you stop what you were listening to?  That assumes of course you know at that point you won't be restarting it soon.

  I do myself sometimes wish there was some sort of 'recently played items' list. 

Thanks very much, first problem solved, on the second, I've been able to set bookmarks to be created on stop which is a sort of play history although it's creating a bit of lag, I'll play around with different settings and see if I can get it to improve.


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