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Clip Zip stuck when turned on, not recognized and won't charge?

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Hi there.

I have  a fairly new (two years) Clip Zip which I really like.

A few days ago it started getting stuck on the start screen, showing ver 3.14 and not responding.

It also doesn't show in device manager and my computer.
When I try to turn it on in the original firmware, it shuts down due to low battery.

Is there any way of saving it?
Some trick to charging the player?

Thanks in advance.

if plugged into a usb cord (not pc) rockbox might boot


A USB cord connected to what?
A power outlet?

yes, power outlet, cell phone charger and the like.


I plugged it into a charger and once more it tries to boot but stays stuck at RockBOX ver 3.14 screen.
The screen constantly stays on, with no battery indication.
When I unplug it, the display remains on for several minutes, probably until the battery runs out.

Is there an emergency Rockbox shutdown button combination?


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