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I am new to this forum. I hope it is ok to post new thread in this matter.
Of coarse I searched first and found few threads where I was advised by the system to post new thread since they are old..
I read this,52561.0.html , saying there are workarounds, but I am not sure what workaround should I use or if any would help.

I just wanted to share my progress with iflash rockboxed iPod. So far I did this:

iPod 5.5 (video), iflash quad (=tarkan I guess) with two 256GB cards he recommends on his site (I do not recall which, I think Samsung EVO and since I did it year ago and it is glued with doubleside vhb so I do not want to open it just to check).
I formated the cards first in the card reader and then used standard RB automatic installation from windows, everything ran fine.
I only had issues connecting it to pc after that. I found out RB USB sign shines on the iPod display, but nothing else happens.
If I start iPod with apple OF and then connect with iTunes opened, I can transfer the files via iTunes. These will appear only when running iPod on OF, and possibly on RB in database (which I do not use much).

Then I found out (nothing new I guess) that If I close iTunes after connection of iPod the new hardware appears and installs apple driver (I think). Then the "USB" drive shows in the explorer and file transfer is possible. It is rather slow, around 4-7mb/s. At first I tried just a few hundred songs, it worked fine in RB.

Then I spent few afternoons loading it almost full and then the problems started. It is not always starting properly (showing apple restore in iTunes screen, etc - could be caused by something else, the old battery for example), sometimes it reboots randomly and the worst part - the music playback kinda works (no blurry or cross breed of files), but often it becomes unresponsive (playback does not stop after pushing pause,..) or it just reboots when I choose "wrong" file to play. This makes it unusable. I do not know if it is caused by corruption of files during transfer or something else.

From what I read I think there is a problem with this combination of hw/sw - the iflash has no support to RB and RB is dealing the flash drive as harddisk which is the root of the problem.
Since I do not want to use the Apple OF, and I am not keen on buying expensive and not always available mSATAs I am kinda stuck here.

Any thoughts?
I have read a little about patches, Gerrit's, or Cereal_killer's collection, but they seem to be made for mSATA. I have no clue whether they would work on iFlash quad w/more micro SDs..
Maybe it is a silly thought, but since OF is able to work with it (I did not tested it much, just uploaded 2 songs to check it plays), maybe such patch could work if it forces RB to deal with the drive the same way as OF. ...?

Thank you!

At first I tried just connecting iPod to PC as is. That ran RB USB, installed driver and nothing else happened. I had to remove the driver and redo it when running OF and iTunes.

I can have another ipods from friend - 6th, or 7th, but it has other problems.... ..?

Maybe it could help the others:

The user Pommes got it working, he adviced me:

yes i have it working.
You should start from scratch, factory format your ipod, then you have 2 possibilities:
1. Use Apple os, but then only up to 50000 songs
2. Use Rockbox, but NEVER WRITE IN ROCKBOX:
Do not transfer your music while in Rockbox, only in Apple mode, do not use Rockbox to built the database, do not create playlists in Rockbox, do not use directory cache in Rockbox.
If you do, you will get corruption issues, Rockbox will not work properly then.
If you want to use database and playlists you have to use the rockbox simulator!"

I reinstalled it, started RB, switched off directory cache, reboot to OF and loaded files.
So far so good it seems to be working.
The on-the-go playlists creation works with no issues. I did not tried to save them yet.

Pommes again:
"Playlists on the go it’s not a big deal, only if you save the playlist after creating, it might be a problem, but for me it is not a problem anymore.
I just click on the album or folder and keep the middle button pressed, and then I add to the playlist. No problem at all. And as I said, I can even save these playlists now without any issues.
And yes, I use the database simulator, because I create playlists by genre with the database. But I only update the database every couple of months. To create a playlist for random playing with all songs, I just use the music  folder and add it.
In the rock box config I changed the playlist limit from 32,000 to 200,000, so I can have a playlist with all of my music files."

When I last attemted this I did not tried to build database (which causes the problem, according to Pommes), but I think my drive corruption started when I tried to connect via usb/rb to pc, not knowing it will not work.
I will test it more.
For now I am not seeking to build the database, maybe in the future I will try it with RB simulator.

One "upgrade" came to my mind - is there a possibility to erase, block or switch off the function in RB that takes care of usb connection?
Now If I plug the ipod to the pc it will start RB automaticaly and it will cause the data corruption.
I would prefer this not happening. Even If I am cautious, someone who happen to come by my ipod could connect it to the pc not using OF/disc mode.
Preferably that pc connection should not affect RB, maybe except for battery charging which is not related to RB usb driver...?


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