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Ipod Nano 2G crashes and freezes

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Does it freeze up if you don't start music playback?

Yes it also crashes when i am fiddling around in the menue. Completely random

Same thing here .Tried latest dev builds but no luck .Player works fine in menus except when accessing debug/view disk info   or after playing music for 5-20sec   and then just froze .
 * Checked fat32 partition under win7 (ipod in disk mode ) -> no errors on partition
 * restored ipod with itunes and reinstalled rockbox             > no change
 * tried older builds ( oldest from 2017 )                            -> no luck

 Original apple software works just fine .

I also noticed that when I use external power the player works without crashing .

Works on external power is a very important observation

Is it a flaky battery, power supply, or bad settings on our end


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