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Ipod Nano 2G crashes and freezes

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Got myself some old Ipod Nano 2G for free. Put The stable release on it and it just straight up crashes / freezes after a few minuets/seconds. Tried latest dev-build as well. Same result. Battery seems alright too.

Normal Firmware works but i just hate not being able to simply drag and drop.The whole synchronizing just annoys me. 

Anybody with the same problem?

Try checking the FAT32 file system for errors. 

Tried it found no problems. The apple firmware runs without problems. I dont think its a hardware issue.

Are there any actions that can trigger a crash? 

Installed ROckbox again today and tested it. Cause seems completely random ,i fear, but it never plays longer than a few minuets.
Occasionally got a white screen with this error message

"undefined  instruction at 6008 pc:60083864 sp:00004bd8 bt end"

and got a Rockbox bootloader ATA Error  when i restarted


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