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Bootloader/Rockbox installation on Sony NWZ-453


I wanted to install Rockbox on my device. At first I downloaded all files ,which I needed for the installation. Then I was trying to install the bootloader on the device. In the manual stood ,that the bootloader file should be put into the root folder .At that point I was confused ,because there were two folder with the designation "ROOT" one "MPE_ROOT" and the other one "MP_ROOT". I put the bootloader file into both folder and did the command how it stood in the manual, but nothing happen, the bootloader was not installed. Can somebody please give a suggestion ,how I can install the Bootloader and Rockbox on the device ,because there is no manual about this device.   I would be very thankful ;D      p.s sorry for my English

That location shown in your screenshot is the root directory.
Put it there, not into any sub-directory.

Thank you very much  ;)


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