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Sorry if this has been asked before but i cant seem to find it anywhere
I compiled rockbox with InfoNES for ipod classic(6G) and i cant seem to find a/b and start/select buttons... is there a place to find these controlls? cant seem to find one online


--- Quote from: cool_walking_ on April 27, 2008, 09:37:24 PM ---I tested it not that long after the last version was posted to the tracker, and there were failed hunks even then.  You need to fiddle with it to get it to work, and there are no keymaps for a couple of targets.

No-one is going to write a tutorial with screenshots on a thing so specific that it'll only be used once ever by a single person.  Read

--- End quote ---,16607.msg

It would be interesting if you could post some compliation instructions because I didn't realise this plugin existed.

From a quick search, I'm guessing there is no keymap for the ipod6g and one would need to be made.

Yeah sure idk what your compiling on but my guide will be for windows 10
First make sure you have windows bash (make sure ubuntu is installed from microsoft store)
then do
UNTILL you get to build the cross compiler, at this point do
$ cd rockbox
and then fetch the infones git(I used $ git fetch refs/changes/46/946/7 && git checkout FETCH_HEAD) from
then after that finish doing the steps
once you get to compile rockbox as normal just follow
you can skip the first step since we already downloaded the git before and step one of part 2 since we already did cd rockbox

Hope this helps!
Of my own curiousity any way i could make my own map for infones?

Thanks for the gerrit link.

Taking a look at the keymaps.h you can see:

--- Code: ---#elif CONFIG_KEYPAD == IPOD_4G_PAD

#define NES_BUTTON_UP           BUTTON_MENU
#define NES_BUTTON_A            BUTTON_NONE
#define NES_BUTTON_B            BUTTON_NONE

--- End code ---

You can see Buttons A, B and SELECT are mapped to NONE.

I'm gonna say thats probably the reason why you can't get them to work.

Out of interest, does the Select button (centre of the clickwheel) work as the Start button in game?

These keymaps do indeed match Rockboy as alluded to in line 5:

--- Code: ---/* Keymaps copied from Rockboy */

--- End code ---

Keymap from Rockboy:

--- Code: ---#elif CONFIG_KEYPAD == IPOD_4G_PAD
        options.UP      = BUTTON_MENU;
        options.DOWN    = BUTTON_PLAY;

        options.A       = BUTTON_NONE;
        options.B       = BUTTON_NONE;
        options.START   = BUTTON_SELECT;
        options.SELECT  = BUTTON_NONE;
        options.MENU    = (BUTTON_SELECT | BUTTON_REPEAT);

--- End code ---

I have never bothered trying Rockboy, but I'd guess that it probably doesn't work properly either due to the lack of buttons.

Rockboy works just fine, shockingly i managed to beat Links awakening DX on it,
Select works but it tends to glitch out and also pause rockboy at the same time


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