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Hello. I would like to purchase a family member a portable mp3 player, and I wish for it to run rockbox.
Rockbox seems targeted towards people who have an old mp3 player and want to see what they can do with it.
I cannot seem to find many devices listed that are below 50$ and can be purchased new.
 Does anyone know any devices or places where I can find something to meet my specification?

Although I've never used any other devices with rockbox, imo the ipod6g/classic is the best.

You won't find one new, but if you search ebay with this query:

--- Quote ---ipod -video -touch -2nd -3rd -4th -5th -shuffle -nano -mini -8gb -4gb

--- End quote ---

I search that way because sometimes someone will find a classic and sell it without classic in the title not knowing the model.

You'll start to see some 80GB ipods or other models that can be bought for $50 with working mechanical HDDs and no need to replace with flash.


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