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Can a theme crash my Sansa player?


Doghouse Riley:
Two identical Sansa Fuze v2's.

On one of them, the theme "arbox Widgets" (my favorite theme) works perfectly.

On the other, I get a "prefetch abort" or "undefined instruction" crash every time I try to load an .mp3 or a bookmark from the SD slot, only when that theme is active.  Any other theme produces no error.  Loading files from the Sansa's onboard memory does not crash it.

I have tried every way I can think of to clone the Rockbox install from the Fuze which runs this theme to the Fuze that does not.  I still get the same crash.

Any thoughts?????

Practice teaches it is possible. Rockbox does not use memory protection so some subtle bug in theme engine (quite a big blob of code) can manifest like this. Try to reproduce this bug in simulator. If you will be successful it is much easier to pinpoint where the problem is.


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