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Windows 10 computer client for Rockbox system

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Thanks for sharing those apps. I agree that iTunes is a bit complex to store the music. I kept all my music on my laptop, and one day it disappeared. So, now I'm looking for some new apps to try. Also, I switched from Mac to Windows, and I need a user-friendly app for music.

As far as I know, Rockbox doesn't have an official Windows client, but I fear not! There are some awesome programs out there that can fulfill your music needs.
One popular option among PC users is foobar2000. It's a lightweight player that offers great customization and organization features. Another one to check out is MusicBee, which has a user-friendly interface and extensive library management tools.
But have you ever heard of the cheap Windows 10 key Reddit sub? They often have some cool deals for Windows users. Perhaps there you can ask your question too. Just thought I'd mention it!


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