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Just registered finally after using Rockbox for more than a decade, starting with Iriver h340, then Sansa Fuze, followed by Sansa Clip Zip. I want to thanks all the Devs for their work! I was very disapointed by Rockbox 3.14. A lot problems on Sansa Clip Zip, while 3.13 was rockstable. This version fixed instantly some issues, so it looks very good for this version! I have to admit, I wasnt shure, if I would ever see another version. So this one is very much appreciated! My Sansa Clip Zip is now up to date, including the long awaited upgrade on a 512 GB microSDXC Samsung Evo Plus (Formated with fat32format - ridgecrop). Now everything works like a charm and I am happy with my setup.  ;D  Is there another thread for this Version or another Place for reporting bugs or discussions (didnt find any)?


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