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Ipod 6th Gen. Replaced HDD with CF to Msata adapter


Why am I stuck on the EMCORE bootloader? It will work sometimes and bring me to the rockbox boot screen where I can choose what to do. But no options work. Why is this a problem

This is the same issue for even when I had a HDD in there. If it says "Loading emCORE..." It will NEVER DO ANYTHING.

But some rare times It won't say that and it will actually boot to rockbox bootloader screen. In which I can't do Anything from any of the menus anyway.

Nevermind. Throwing this shit in the trash. Never going back to rockbox again.

Maybe read this sticky before jumping to conclusions?,52560.0.html

And maybe offer more details as to what you did, what error messages (if any) are showing, and what steps you've taken so far to try and troubleshoot the problem?

Rashness doesn't solve issues, and neither does "throwing this shit in the trash".

one of the devs would love to have that if you haven't thrown it away yet


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