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Haven't tried the original but I've already done a 320x240 conversion, which works fine for my ipods (I feel no themes can go unassimilated by the ipod classic/video - no other player can have a theme that is denied to them!).

Don't suppose the problem for cereal killer's player could just be a required font not there for some reason?

(Could upload the 320x240 version sometime if original author (yuuiko) has no objection.  Probably still needs a few tweaks.*)

Really nice touch with the different type of screens for context menu etc.

*  I mean my conversion does - some icons haven't resized quite right.

wow quick! but oof the scaling is very off and it triggers me. I'd like the port to have the same sizing, instead of having everything scaled up bigger to fit the screen. Maybe its just your screenshots but they also look quite blurry...
Edit: oh I just needed to click them. Even so I see some aliasing fattening up some icons a bit there

Could you send me the files somehow (maybe cloud storage link or something) as it'll be a great start for me to tweak for the port!
(I'd need to do it in simulator though, I don't have an iPod Video/classic yet and I'm looking for one.)

Edit 2:
Tried to port using sim myself. Hmmm, thats a lot of space! and the font looks tiny now on the huge screen:

Maybe a small, regulated size increase would be alright. not 2x bigger though.

Just tried a re-install and had no problems. Try checking / installing the rockbox fonts?

Will try to work out how to send it to you, if you want to tweak it to make it into a conversion yourself.  Perhaps I could attach it to a post here - pms don't seem to allow attachments.  I'm sure you could do a better job starting from your original concept, as opposed to me converting what you've already done.

Also, there was at least one part I didn't understand what the original code was doing.

  Not sure if I've missed something about how the theme engine works (I find that engine has a _lot_ of undocumented behaviour, where you can't tell what a bit of code will do till you try it on different targets, and where statements that are technically logically identical end up producing different results, so I never can tell if things in themes that don't make sense to me are just a slip, or are that way for a good reason).

Just for example - and this _isn't_ a criticism, just curious whether it means I've missed another quirk about how the theme engine behaves.

This line
%?if(%cs, =, 10)<%?if(%cs, !=, 15)<%?if(%cs, !=, 12)<%?mm<|%xd(Fa)|%xd(Fb)|%xd(Fc)|%xd(Fd)>>>>

seems to me the second and third nested conditionals aren't needed...if it's equal to 10, then it can't be equal to 15 or 12, no?  Or am I missing something?

Also I like how you shift the title to make room for the lock symbol - it's a nice touch.  Wondering if it would make sense to add that for the context menu screen as well?  Just for completeness.  Someone might put hold on while in the context menu!

Edit - yeah the icons are resized in a very simple way.  Was gonna improve them later.  A general problem is you can't do real anti-aliasing if also using user-settable colours or you get that purple/turquoise fringeing.

(One thing I'd like the theme engine to have is to be able to take the user-set foreground/background colours and manipulate the user could say choose blue, and the theme would automatically use multiple different shades of blue for the different elements).

hmmm, can't attach zip files here.  Could attach just the sbs and wps files, sans the bitmaps...but seems like you are on the way to converting it yourself anyway?

I gave you a vote, but the theme voting system seems daft to me.  I see themes quickly acquire far more votes than downloads (hmmm...).  And its slightly irritating when someone gives a very low vote rather than posting to say what the problem is with a theme so it can be fixed.


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