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Hey, I just registered to say that this is the most underrated theme for iPod Video ever!
Amazing work!!

Thank you so much.

Working on version 2, with fully customisable colours, customisable backdrop and refined icons.


InfoMatrix looks great but I'm having a graphics issue I'm having trouble solving. There's a glitchy horizontal bar in the whole playing screen on my iPod Video 5g running Rockbox v3.15.

Any suggestions?

Hmm try set the theme again?


Flip between WPS and SBS screens

otherwise I'm not sure.. This theme does things rockbox never intended to be done, while pretty stable and smooth for me sometimes these things happen from time to time

The theme works OK for me.

Maybe the background bitmap got corrupted when copied to the ipod?  If you connect the ipod to the computer then look at that bitmap in the computer does it look OK?


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