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--- Quote from: InfoMatrix ---.
Version 2 coming soon! Check out the latest comment for a preview.

My friend showed me the wonderful iPod, and got me into RockBox.
He lent me his iPod Nano 2 as he knows i'm a person who makes themes
for everything. When I used that iPod and Rockbox, I had to make a theme.

========== INFOMATRIX ==========

This theme is focused on presenting a lot of information in the most
elegant way possible, while also to make RockBox's screens and list items
more recognisable and unique, thus easier to use.

View in Theme Gallery:
V2 - iPod Classic / Video
V1 - iPod Nano
V1 - iPod Classic / Video

———————— SBS FEATURES ————————
•- Mid-Contrast Beige theme -•
Careful contrast control makes it easy to see in the sun while relatively
comfortable to use at night, reducing eyestrain from blue and bright colours

•- Unique Context and Quick Menus -•
You'll know exactly where and what these screens are

• Elegant, considered and clutter-free UI •
• Large, full-width list menus •
• Now Playing Ticker bar with Title, Artist and Playback icons •
• Titlebar Turns Dark while browsing menus of a running plugin •
• Current Folder displayed in the title of the File Browser •
• Time alternates with battery percentage •

———————— WPS FEATURES ————————
•- Information organised into three ‘rows’ -•
"Current Info", "File Info" and "Schedule" (includes playlist progress, clock, and next song)

• Compact and dense but neat design •
• Always visible volume bar with "0db" marker and amp clipping indicator •
• Bold, crisp, pixel-perfect player status icons with no antialiasing •

•- Lots of Info displayed in the WPS: -•
Title, Artist, Album, Year, File Codec, File Bitrate, Track Number, Playlist Progress,
Clock, Next Song Title, Next Song Artist, Volume DB, Current and Remaining Duration,
Battery, Shuffle, Repeat Mode, and Hold Status, all elegantly organised.

———————— NEW ICONSET INCLUDED: “Clear 12x12”————————
A new, pixel-perfect custom iconset "Clear 12x12".

Aimed to make RockBox list items and files more understandable, this iconset
greatly modifies and improves the "Tango SW" icons, adding support for
custom foreground colours and a much more understandable and clean look
with no blurry anti-aliasing and crisp pixel-perfection.

Additionally, I've redone file (viewers) icons from scratch, researching what
each file types are and created icons accordingly. You can now actually begin
to conceive what a .ch8 file could be. Also doesn't screw up the "Open With"
menu as lots of iconsets do.

———————— CUSTOMISATION ————————

•- Custom Colours: -•
This theme supports custom accent colours, simply adjust foreground colour in settings.

•- Asian Glyphs Support -•
If you need asian glyph support, select the "14-Rockbox-Mix" font in the Theme Settings.

———————— NOTES ————————
I recommend you set "show path in browser" to "current directory" in settings to see the current folder in the title bar for files menus.

Due to the way Rockbox renders viewports, you may see some visual artefacts
when first loading the theme or changing theme settings. To fix this switch to the
WPS and back out, that will fix it and it shouldn't come back until another theme change.

The beige colour depicted here was very sensitive to tonal changes due to display quality.
The raw images in InfoMatrix have been purposefully oversaturated to compensate the iPod's
"washed-out" display. The shade may vary on your iPod compared to the shade seen in screenshots. If the theme renders too yellow or too cool on your device, let me know and
send me a picture. (Also very hard to get the picture right). It should be a nice, warm, almost paper-like shade when in natural lighting.
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Now that's a very nice theme. I'll be happy to try it on my iPod nano 2g, when it is released. Thank you for this, yuuiko.


--- Quote from: cereal_killer on September 18, 2019, 12:43:51 PM ---Now that's a very nice theme. I'll be happy to try it on my iPod nano 2g, when it is released. Thank you for this, yuuiko.

--- End quote ---

Thanks cereal_killer!

Theme is now up!
I had to make some compromises due to rockbox's strict upload checking.

* You now need to manually set the font for the Asian Glyph Support. Rockbox didn't allow me to have multiple .cfg files.
* Icon pack is named "InfoMatrix" instead of its real name "Clear Icons 12x12" as it needed to match the theme name.
* In my copy, there was a theme file that allowed you to set "Clear Icons 12x12" as your iconpack without changing any other theme settings. This had to be removed as I couldn't add more than one .cfg file.

Hello yuuiko, I installed your theme on my nano 2g along with the latest build using RockboxUtility, but there is only the fallback wps showing up. Version 3.14 also doesn't work.

Thats odd, seems to work fine for me and I did the same thing. Will investigate. Sorry for any inconveniences as this is my first time themeing rockbox!

Do the menus work well though? Including active plugin screens, quickscreen and context menu?


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