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how do u do a screen shot?

There's an option under info --> debug to turn on screen dump.  Once it's on, any time you insert the USB cable it will do a screen dump instead of connecting to USB.

wow thats ausome... id never been inside that hence the (KEEP OUT) lol...

That particular function should probably be moved somewhere else, like perhaps the General Settings --> Display menu.

Heh, this is funny...

The irivers only record stereo atm, and have no setting for that in the recording settings screen. The option however still exists in the settings struct, and is used to write that text on the screen. The default value (0) means stereo.

So somehow the settings of user got changed/bad, causing it to display mono.

The value is not used however, recording is always done in stereo.

Tip for user: reset your settings (hold rec just before rockbox boots, it will say 'settings cleared')


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